Test in your AP Class tomorrow and freaking out cause you don’t feel confident in what you know? If your feeling this or have felt this you’re not alone. Thousands of students (including me) have had this feeling and I am happy to say that I have a solution to conquer it. Breathing and Napping. You think I am joking but I am, in fact, dead serious.  So let me explain how doing these two things will not only reduce your stress for that daunting test but also help you retain concepts for a longer time, allowing you to ACE any test that comes your way.


Life makes you tired. School doubles that. So it is quite normal to feel like your brain is fried after a night of homework. But don’t you feel that after every passing hour of studying, your actions and your brain start to move slower and slower. This has to apply to everyone, because your brain is a muscle and it gets strained after long durations of work. It is simply a fact. So the first step to alleviating this feeling is to breathe. Don’t think I am joking, as the Head of Science at ZoMu, trust me when I tell you that oxygen is a bit important when it comes to living. Focusing on your breathing allows for two things to happen, first, you lower your heart rate and second, you increase your metabolism. Come on AP Bio students, you didn’t forget your cellular respiration days already, right? But it is not only breathing, but breathing in a focused and timed way. So this is the way that I breathe when it comes to high stress situations and I feel the effect immediately.


Breathe in… (10 seconds)

Hold Breath… (10 seconds)

Breathe out… (10 seconds)

Repeat for as long as it takes for you to feel your heart rate drop to a calm level and feel relaxed mentally and physically…


The next tip is napping. My gosh, napping as a kid was the best time of the day, even though we hated to do it in the beginning. Kinda like taking a shower.You don’t really want to get in the tub, but once you get in you can’t get out. Anyways, when you feel like your brain is fried and whatever your reading is just not making sense, you’ve hit what I like to call the… zombie phase. This is probably the worst state of mind to be in since you will be wasting valuable time not even studying properly. You can say that you studied 4 hours for that Chemistry test, but if 2 hours of that was in zombie mode, then don’t count on acing that test. This goes to the point that it is not quantity but quality. So if you feel like you in the zombie phase:

1)  Heavy eyes

2) Eyes hurting

3) Body swaying to stay awake


you better take the POWER NAP. We have all heard of it and people that have tried it usually have felt refreshed after the nap. It gives your body and brain a break and lets it act as the Mophie case to your body (get my reference….) It is a lot more valuable to take a 30 minute nap and study effectively and attentively for 2 hours rather than study 4 hours (half of the time being in zombie mode). Hopefully these tips help you prevent the next zombie apocalypse and if your really screwed for your next test, hit us an email or contact us on live chat so we can help you as much as we can. Till next time… apples!!!